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Exotic Flavor in a City Full of Diversity


I am an exotic beauty lost in a world of diversity. Hey there honey! My name is Ushi and I’m a 23 year old transplant into this city. I fell in love with Los Angeles when I came out here for college. With so many beautiful places, I made it my job to learn each and every one. My passion for exploring and my talent for giving pleasurable tours is what makes me one of the youngest and most popular Los Angeles escorts.

When guests come to Los Angeles, most don’t have anyone to hang out with. That’s what I’m here for. I am hotter than most and love hanging with everyone that’s new to town. I love showing my guests all the spectacular spots this town has to offer. Los Angeles has a lot to offer and I am one of the few Los Angeles escorts that know exactly what to give and how to do it right.

I party hard and give just as much pleasure. I think that I’m best known for the way I focus on my guests and give a full girlfriend experience. Coming to the city of angels alone isn’t usually fun. So instead of being alone, let me give you what you need. I love being the hot girlfriend in any place. I know I turn heads and I make my guests the most envied there.

Other Los Angeles escorts sometimes forget their guests and get wrapped up with the attention they get when they are out on the town. I don’t. I’m the rarest of the Los Angeles escorts. I am the one that puts the pleasure of my guests above anyone else’s. As soon as I know what my guest wants, that’s what we do. We party and we cuddle like rock stars!



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